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SendStation PocketDock Combo

SendStation PocketDock Combo


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Simply irresistible. The PocketDock Combo is an indispensable add-on for the iPod, Apple’s sensational and wildly successful MP3 players.

  • Product Description

The tiny PocketDock Combo lets you connect the iPod’s docking port to a standard USB or 6-pin FireWire cable, thus delivering on the iPod’s promise of freedom and independence. The PocketDock Combo is a perfect choice if you’re a PC user or work cross-platform.

When you’re on the road with your iPod, listening to your favorite hits, you may unexpectedly want to connect to another Mac or PC. When you need it most, you’ll probably find that you didn’t bring the special iPod docking cable — it’s at home connected to your computer. Since you can find USB cables almost anywhere — just unplug a printer or scanner — the PocketDock Combo lets you get connected, anytime, anyplace.

Charge your iPod's battery from any powered (6-pin) FireWire port, found on all current Macs and many PCs. The iPod mini, as well as the iPod with Click-wheel can also be charged from a high-power USB port.

Tiny, light — indispensable!

Like to travel light? The PocketDock Combo is the tiny, elegant solution. Its beautiful design is a perfect match for the iPod, and it fits in your wallet.

Utilize existing accessories

If you already bought accessories for the previous-model iPod, such as a car charger, the PocketDock will let you use them with the latest model.

  • Additional Information
Brand Send Station
Warranty 1 Year
Suitable for iPad (1st Gen), iPhone 4, iPhone 3G S, iPhone 3G, iPod touch (4th Gen), iPod touch (3rd Gen), iPod touch (2nd Gen), iPod touch (1st Gen), iPod nano (6th Gen), iPod nano (5th Gen), iPod nano (4th Gen), iPod nano (3rd Gen), iPod nano (2nd Gen), iPod nano (1st Gen), iPod video, iPod photo & iPod colour, iPod mini, iPod (4th Gen), iPod (3rd Gen)